Via: @luxurylifestylemagazine Drake’s Boeing 767 named “Air Drake” lands in St.M…

Via: @luxurylifestylemagazine Drake’s Boeing 767 named “Air Drake” lands in St.Maarten. The aircraft is said to be worth over $185M.

For those unfamiliar, St Maarten is an island in the Caribbean Sea. The weather on the island is currently sunny and warm with temperatures hovering around 80-plus degrees. That’s some great weather to usher in 2023.

The plane was gifted to Drake for free by Cargojet, which is an airliner based in Canada. The airline company thinks the publicity of a Grammy Award-winning rap superstar flying their plane will boost interest in people flying their aircraft.

Later refurbished and designed by the late legendary Virgil Abloh, to fit the 6 God’s needs when he flies. “Air Drake” is finished in a sky blue color with an image of his OVO Owl sitting atop a globe on the aircraft’s tail.

Video: @onlyonsxm