_ Lovely Special Cuvee Brut from Bolling…

Lovely Special Cuvee Brut from Bollinger.
The purest expression of Bollinger’s house style!
Lovely as always..
* Scroe : 92 Point
* Drink : Now ~ 2035+
* Comment : Highly recommended
* Grapes : 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Meunier, Over 85% Grands and Premiers crus.
* Dosage : 8~9g/l
* Wine information
In 1911, Georges Bollinger’s British agent gave him the idea for the name Special Cuvée – “special” written the English way, without an accent. He thought the French expression “Brut sans année” was no match for such a subtle champagne… More than a hundred years later, the name of Bollinger’s key figure champagne still symbolizes both its expertise and its history.
* Winery information
Bollinger was established in 1829 by Jacques Bollinger and Paul Renaudin. The House has a reputation for producing muscular Champagnes with body, depth and power; these are classic, complex, Pinot-Noir dominated Champagnes with the ability to age gracefully for many years.
* Review
와이너리의 전체적인 완성도를 볼때 플래그쉽 와인들을 경험해 보는것보다 엔트리급 와인이 지닌 완성도를 살펴보는 것이 그 와이너리에 대한 이해도를 높힐수 있는 가장 좋은 방법이다.
그리고 Special Cuvée는 그런 엔트리급 와인이 보여주는 Bollinger만의 스타일을 가장 잘 표현한 와인으로 pinot noir 베이스 샴페인이 지닌 파워와 구조감을 매력적으로 잘 표현하고 있다.