I don’t agree with how @hiltonplayadelca…

I don’t agree with how @hiltonplayadelcarmen is handling safety protocols in response to #covid_19 these days & I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone stay here right now, but it sure is a gorgeous property! Hopefully, management will get their act together in more ways than one real soon.

BTW: local liquor laws state alcohol can’t be served after 11pm. The hotel doesn’t disclose this rather huge detail, so if you’re going on a special evening take note. Even if their website says the Tequila Bar’s open until 12am, law’s been in effect a couple months & they’ve failed to change the website. No way it’s just an over site. We watched people ready to kill over this on New Year’s Eve when they stopped serving at 10:35pm. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time it’s been an issue & definitely not the last.